The #PayItForward Experiment: Paris 🌟

Can you help?

Silicon Valley is really good at this

Sooooooooo what about Paris?

I believe that you can tell a lot about the potential and stage of development of an ecosystem by the amount of Pay It Forward. Paris’ ecosystem has grown phenomenally in the past 5 years: let’s see how our mindset has evolved.

I’m running a little experiment:

I have 5 new people on my team who want to learn from other people in the Paris ecosystem. They come from Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Google, Boston Consulting Group, StarOfService… and all have specific challenges.

  • If you have this skillset: there is a calendar link so that you can book a 30-min call with them.
  • If you know someone who does: share this post with them, it would really help.
  • If you can help for something else: we’ll need your expertise at one point. So add your email here and tell us how you can help :-)


Product People & Software Engineers

How many Product People in the Paris ecosystem are willing to spend 30min helping our new Product Manager, who recently arrived from Facebook’s Learning & Development team in San Francisco, become the best PM in the world?

Book a slot on her calendar here →

Engineering Leaders & 1st Sales in a startup

How many Directors of Engineering who are currently managing a team in Paris would spend 30min-1hour grabbing coffee with Flore, who arrived from BCG last week to start building our sales machine

Book a slot on her calendar here →

Thank you Florian Jourda, Judith Tripard, Annabelle Bignon & Julie Harrissart already for your time!

People who have scaled customer success, account management or operations at a 50 people + startup

How many account managers & customer success managers would spend 30min over the phone to help Victor, my co-founder understand how to build a playbook for CS & AM?

Book a slot in his calendar here →

Thank you Alexandre Rovetto for giving some of your time already!

Node.JS, React & Redux Developers

Our Junior Developer Sonny is doing his alternance at Sidekick and wants to learn from experienced developer in Node.JS, React & Redux. How many in Paris can mentor him for 30-minutes with nothing in return? Simply because they dare — share — care? cc Alice Zagury

Book a slot in his calendar here →

Thank you Hugo How-Choong for giving some time already!

Managers who feel alone + salespeople from non-sales background + B2B marketers

Remi recently arrived from Google to generate leads for our pipe and he has a lot of questions. How many managers who feel alone against the complexity of managing their team would spend 30min over the phone so that Remi can better understand how to target you?

Book a slot in his calendar here →

Thank you Nicolas Van Rymenant & Victor Dosne already for your time!

DevOps, Data Engineers, Lead dev back, architects

Jeremy wants to know how scale our engineering team: picking the right technologies to scale our micro-services architecture, structuring a team around agile and well organized sprints.

Book a slot in his calendar here →

Thank you for your help!



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