Introducing: Backstage — an insider’s look at the relationship between key execs in fast growing companies.

Adrien Guilmineau
2 min readApr 11, 2019

There are a lot of events around growth machines, management principles, culture design, leadership… but few go deep into the people working for these companies, and more importantly their relationship with others.

At Sidekick we believe that conversations build relationships, and relationships sustain company growth.

As Tyrion, from Game of Thrones, once said: “The true history of our world is a history of great conversations in elegant rooms.” — Tyrion Lannister

We think that: “The true history of a company is a history of great conversations in cool office buildings.”

Our first guests: Eric (CEO) & Damon (COO) from Venda Group

Eric and Damon took over the 200 people company weeks before the 2008 financial crisis. Under strong financial constraints, conflicting sales and engineering cultures and confusing prioritization they managed to lead the company to a multi-million dollar exit.

From skepticism to trust, from chaos to reliable delivery: jump into the key conversations that shifted this company’s culture.

An Intimate Setting

We’re taking a very intimate approach to this event.

  • Small crowd: 40 attendees
  • No moderator: both speakers interview the other
  • No preparation: no powerpoint, no notes, lots of the conversations you will hear will be the first time that these people discuss them

Register for the first edition at Balderton Capital’s offices in London :-)

And if you know two execs that have a fascinating relationship: ping me their names at



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