Introducing Aria — Voice Studio

Announcing Aria’s first round of funding led by Harry Stebbings from Stride.VC, Antoine Martin (Zenly) and Alexis Bonillo (Zenly).

Hey Siri — Say ‘Hello World!’

  • Introduction of studio-quality microphones in Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro
  • Release of better & more accessible transcription technology
  • Launch of AirPods as the first real computers in our ears
  • Boom of podcasting
  • Creation of audio-first social products
  • Ubiquitous inclusion of voice-notes as a communication medium

Audio feels like a new frontier.

Wave form of JS saying ‘Aria’

Mobile Voice Studio

→ Creating the logo from sketch to production →

Aria v0.1 → Aria v1.0

Wave form of Adrien saying ‘Aria’

Aria: Voice Studio

Accurate transcription, word per word editing, hundreds of templates to chooses from, stunning results.
Aria co-founders — Adrien (left) & Jean-Sébastien (right) — in Noirmoutier, an island in the West of France, where Aria’s prototype was built.



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Adrien Guilmineau

Co-founder @ariacaptions @sidekick_hq @tinbox_app • Hangout @_thefamily • Kinda-studied @warwickuni